Cut. It. Out. Finally. And professionally.

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So, funny story…

I took digital video editing with FinalCutPro 4 at the NW Film Center in 2004… just for fun. Our first assignment was to cut together the rushes or dailies from an old episode of “Gunsmoke” …basically an exercise to familiarize the class with the basic functions of FCP. I had fun, but couldn’t find any good sound effects for the fight scene, so I tried to throw everything else in that I could.

Serious respect for anyone who has cut together an action film. It is not easy to match motion and continuity in a fight scene. For realisies.

Assignment 2 was to make a video haiku with image, sound and text. It went something like this…

Assignment 3 was to create a portrait of __________. Whatever. I hate open-ended junk like that. So I did a portrait of someone trying to come up with an idea for a self-portrait.

Ugh. I still hate that thing. On the other hand, it is the only footage, that I know of, of my Shams… I miss him and it is totally awesome to have captured that moment in time.

RIGHT. So fast-forward 8 years after I decide to go back to college for a second BA… for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Of course, I have to take Intro to Editing with FinalCutPro 7. Our first assignment… cut together the rushes or dailies from an old episode of “Gunsmoke” …basically an exercise to familiarize the class with the basic functions of FCP.

You are not having déjà vu. It was the same assignment. Also, the exact same footage. I was like… um… really? Yes, really. But, whatever! It has been 8 YEARS, so I needed the refresher. I did some different stuff. You’re welcome, world.

I really liked our second assignment. It was crazy. Take at least 5 found videos and cut together a video collage into something meaningful (at least to you), i.e. there should be some sort of coherent theme. We used the Prelinger Archives online… totally free old news reels, home movies, and those etiquette shorts made from the 30s-70s, etc. SO AWESOME. I got a little distracted. Eventually, I did put something together and I quite liked it.

THE FINAL: Take raw footage from this super-cheesy 70s bank robbery film and do whatever we want with it… so long as we add some sound elements and it is at least a minute and a half long.

My mom helped my find the BEST 70s music. So. Magical. Composer: Lalo Schifrin, specifically take from music he composed for the 60s-70s TV show “Mannix” … more famously, he composed the theme song for “Mission: Impossible” (the original TV show).


So, that was my FinalCut experience. I’m not in love with it. I like playing with visual effects MUCH more. So that’s good that it is my major then. Since I like it. You will see. Next up is from our intro to After Effects. I heart this program. Hard. In the face.


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