Happy Winter Veil

December 30, 2011 at 12:26 pm (Etc) (, , , , , , , , )

I play World of Warcraft… In WoW, they celebrate holidays that roughly correspond to real world holidays … and some others. Anyway, this WoW Christmas (aka Winter Veil) we got Gaudy Holiday Sweaters. HILARIOUS.

So, I was bored and have insomnia… and decided to take some holiday pictures. Enjoy. Actually, now that I’ve started, I kind of want to get the Winter Hat, Boots, and Clothes, so I can take truly fantastic photos… I prefer to think of it as funny and not crazy.

PHOTO UPDATE! I added the pics after getting the Winter Clothes… including some inapropro dancing for Great Father Winter.



  1. Chele said,

    I really enjoy the ginormous Rudolph that you are riding. I also enjoy the axes and swords as ornaments ;o)

    • pemberliegh said,

      Hehe. I’m glad you enjoy. I took a whole bunch more… racy Winter Veil photos. O_O I will upload them soon, cause they are pretty great.

  2. g2-2efd3cfb43d40d72f58c21d88688af15 said,

    Why are you giving great father winter a lapdance?

    • pemberliegh said,

      I think the better question is why wouldn’t I give Great Father Winter a lap dance…

      Happy GFW = MORE PRESENTS!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!

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