I’m in school again…

November 6, 2011 at 12:53 am (School) (, , , , , , )

AND I’M FREAKING HAPPY ABOUT IT!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a fan of the school activity. Don’t get me wrong, I like learning new things… I just don’t like being forced to learn crap I don’t care about. That’s what makes this so great. I’m getting a second undergrad: BFA in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I have all my gen eds out of the way courtesy of my first BA, so I get to focus on the stuff I actually want to learn about. WOOOOOT!

Here is my first big assignment as a VEMG major… I had to collect some still photos on google and create a fake motion picture using a program called Nuke. Parameters:  60 frames, so only a few seconds. Granted, I know there are things still to learn that would make this look even better, but for 5 weeks into school I think it ROCKS.

UPDATE: Because it is a FAQ… here are the pics I used to make this. (images temp offline… back up soon)

1st, the falling girl: created premlut/alpha channel for her to make the rest of the photo transparent, painted out wires, added motion, color effects, blur effects.

2nd, superman: created premlut/alpha channel for him to make the rest of the photo transparent, added motion, scaling & rotation, flipped image, blur effects.

3rd (x2), the office view: set as background;
brought in again as foreground & created premlut/alpha channel to keep the office interior in foreground and the rest of the photo (aka the windows) transparent – this was done in pieces so I could have different effects; for example, I set the window shade opacity down to about 85% so you can see her through it as she falls at about the same level as the background buildings; added a slight grain to the office interior; slight blur effect to keep focus out the window.



  1. Michele said,

    Very cool!! Congrats!!! I’m so happy/proud/excited!! 😀

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