May 2011

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Hanna was very interesting, albeit not quite what I was expecting. The movie did a good job of breaking up the action and suspense with a little bit of much-needed humor. This is a story about a girl, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan; Atonement, The Lovely Bones), raised in the wilderness – well raised isn’t the right word, more like trained; survival, tracking, evasion, deception, combat, languages, as well as typical education. Essentially, she is trained by her father (Eric Bana; Star Trek, The Time Traveler’s Wife) as a spy from early childhood for one purpose: to kill Marissa, the woman (Cate Blanchett; The Lord of the Rings; Elizabeth) responsible for her mother’s death. She grows up completely cut off from the world, but deeply curious about it as only a child can be. In the beginning,  you get a glimpse of her life as it has been and then you are thrown into the adventure. She has the mission to complete and she wants to see the world, but she also finds herself on a dangerous, but necessary, journey of self-discovery. The cast was great and the suspense was well done, but I think my favorite parts of this movie were Hanna’s interactions with regular people, as she gets to see how people interact. If you’re in the mood for some suspense and action with a couple of good laughs thrown in, then I say go for it.

Rating: Fun to watch, not to own.

Scream 4 is possibly my favorite from the Scream franchise. I had to go just because I couldn’t imagine why they were making a 4; 3 seemed to wrap things up so nicely and they had just been getting worse as they went. I wanted to know what was up. So, there you go. In this case, curiosity did not kill the cat; curiosity made the cat’s night. This film stays true to the franchise in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is poking a little friendly fun at the genre. We get back the original cast… well, those whose characters were still alive at the end of the last movie: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox. They throw in some new faces: Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin; and add some fantastic cameos (you’ll just have to watch the movie for those).  I can’t lie… I really, really liked this. Humor For The Win. I am indifferent to fake violence and to scary/horror movies, in general, but if you can make me laugh, you got me. There are some good jumpy moments and plenty of bloody, slasher scenes so if you like that, then definitely go; and if you don’t, then this probably isn’t for you.

 Rating: I think I will buy this… might look into a boxed set situation.

Well, it took me long enough to get around to watching The King’s Speech. This was a really well done film. The acting was fantastic; Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush worked really well together. This is the true story that follows a Prince of England (King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s father, to be precise) as he struggles with the public part of his royal responsibilities due to the speech disorder alalia syllabaris, commonly known as stuttering. This is the story of his ascension to the throne and how hard he works to become the king that his people need, in spite of the challenges he faces every day. It was a good story to tell, uplifting, and I learned some things about the British monarchy that I did not know before; like if her uncle had not abdicated the throne, there might not be a Queen Elizabeth today. Interesting.

 Rating: great movie, but I don’t need to own it.



  1. Michele said,

    I am interested to read your take on Hanna.. I (and my friend I went to go see it with) were disappointed by this film. I always enjoy hearing from people who liked something I didn’t…. I can see your points. Still disappointed, but we can discuss more later ;o)

    And I’m a bit surprised by the rave review of Scream 4! Jenn and I will need to plan a marathon when it comes out on DVD, since I couldn’t really remember the third one. Good to know!

    And I too loved the King’s Speech – I was so happy it picked up as many Oscars as it did – they were all well deserved! Best movie I’ve seen in a while ;o)

    What’r we gonna watch when I’m in town??? ;o)

  2. pemberliegh said,

    Yeah, I can’t imagine Hanna had a very wide appeal. I found it off-beat/quirky and funny enough to satisfy me. I really liked her interaction with the vacationing family. I was cracking up when she was hiding in the van and just observing. It made me imagine what it would be like if someone were hanging out in our trunk on a family road trip. That would be something… HAHAHAHAA!

    Scream 4, right?! This is not a franchise that has been getting better with age, but I was totally surprised. Maybe it was partly because I went in with such low expectations that there was no where to go but up… ? Whatever the case, I had a really good time. Went with my cousin Emily and we were busting UP.

    Seems like we are right on the same mark with The King’s Speech. Well done, but then can Colin Firth ever go wrong? I say not.

    Well, the next Transformers movie comes out 6/29… We DID see the last one when you came for your last visit… feels like we are starting a tradition. I hope the studio can keep up.

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