January 2011

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Well, Burlesque was better than I thought it would be. It was fun and cute and, I’m not gonna lie, I got the soundtrack and the sheet music and I sing this bad boy A LOT. Cher was very Cher, so if you like that then thumbs up. Stanley Tucci is fantastic, as he always is. Christina Aguilera is not the best actor on the books, but she is better than some pop stars we’ve seen take a whack at the silver screen. So look, except for maybe costumes, this is not going to win any awards for anything*, BUT… it was funny, although sometimes not intentionally, and the musical numbers are fun to watch. If you aren’t overly concerned with strong acting or a strong story line or you just need to escape from anything that makes you think, then you might enjoy this one. I did.

Rating: I think I will have to own this, just for those down days when I need some comfort taaahhh – taahhooomme… hey, it is hard to do a bad Cher impression in writing…

*UPDATE: I stand corrected, it won a Golden Globe for original song with ‘You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me’ – which I agree is pretty great, though i didn’t expect the officials to find it so because they are lame. Anyway, right on Hollywood Foreign Press and to congrats Diane Warren and Cher and Burlesque.

Oh, TRON. I guess the sequel had more plot than the original? I recently re-watched the original TRON (1982) just so that I would be ready for this and I was, like… whoa. That is a weird movie. It’s just… weird. Not even leaning towards good or bad, really. Although, CLEARLY the kids who grew up with this are some of the same kids who came up with the idea for Matrix. Go ahead. Go back and watch it. A dude gets sucked into his computer and is battling the programs inside to save himself and the world from the destructive plans of the master computer with the help of a couple humans and the renegade programs that are on his side. Well, there it separates from the Matrix because he has to play some weird x-games; computer-ultimate-Frisbee-of-doom, or whatever. Anyway, watch the credits of the original at the end and you will go, ‘Whoa! The credits are all like the Matrix… What?! Hey wait, the story is kind of Matrix-y… Hmm.’ Well, that’s what my friends and I did.

So, TRON: Legacy. There was more going on in the sequel for sure. We got caught up on what happened between 1982 and 2010. The special effects were definitely more impressive, but then again the special effects in the original were very impressive for 1982. I did not like the digitally un-aged Jeff Bridges; it just looked bizarre and kind of creepy. They still haven’t figured out how to move the mouth digitally and make it look real. I certainly liked parts of this sequel, though. I liked Olivia Wilde as Quorra and her whole story arc, though I don’t want to have any spoilers, so if you want to know then you’ll just have to watch it. Sorry. I liked Michael Sheen, too, and his eccentric behavior – although I have certainly seen him is things I liked better. They definitely left it open for more to come if they want and by that I mean if it made enough money for them to bother.

Rating: Eh. I will not need this on DVD, but I’m glad I saw it for the pure cinematic history. If the do make another, I’ll probably go.


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