Goodbye 20s

October 5, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

← Ha! Couldn’t this totally be me when I’m old?

What’s up, everybody? Today is my first day out of my 20s. Feels like every other day. To be honest, I’m not really hung up about birthday stuff. I mean, I like getting HB wishes and presents, if you’re so inclined, but otherwise I’m just whatevs about it. I did decide it was time to get in shape again. I’m tired of being annoyed with myself for not making the time to do it. My birthday present to me was insanity. OMGs, you guys. The first week was rough! I can finally walk again, though, so that’s nice. One week down… eight to go! Awww.

I am also having a 30-going-on-10 Harry Potter Party. S’gonna be awesome. Except that I’m having it in November since Laurie the Cake Lady didn’t have any free days in October. That’s ok, though. I was really last minute with the idea and it’ll give people time to plan for it. And by people, I mostly mean me. No costumes or anything. Just friends and family, maybe bring my Wii along with some good group games, pizza and snacks… you know… pretty chill… just with an HP theme. Cuz that’s how I roll.

That’s all fun and games, but then I kind of have to think…  

 I need to figure out what I want to do with my life. HR is not where I want to be forever. I can do it, but I don’t enjoy it. At all. I’ve thought about post-production to meld creative and technical, animation (not the cartoon kind, but the digital effects kind) for the same reason, and book editing to get paid to read books all the time (yes, I know there’s more to it). I would love to be a reviewer for real – movies, theatre, books… I mean, the reviews I do here are way too informal for the real deal, but it would be fun to actually focus on it. I would like to have my own bookshop, even. Michele, you know what I’m talking about… buy that building in Galway (Ha! I can dream, right?)… le sigh. And those are just a few ideas. That’s always been the problem. There are so many directions…

I just dunno, guys.



  1. jennykam said,

    That picture does have a remarkable resemblance to you…. I hope I’m around to see you looking like that when we’re old ladies. Looking forward to the party too!

  2. Caitlin said,

    I wish I could come to your Harry Potter b-day party… if only I had a flying broom (or car… or motorcycle…)
    Best of luck with figuring out what to do with your life. I am kind of in that spot too. Not exactly by choice, but this is a good opportunity to reassess things. It is hard to just pick a path and know it’s right, but I figure everything will work itself out. If you are happy right now though, that’s the important thing.
    Happy birthday, once again!

    • pemberliegh said,

      I wish you could come, too! That would be awesome. Darn this giant country… I didn’t know you were in limbo-land, too. I’m sorry to hear that. Kinda sucks, right? I guess we just bump along until we figure it out and fill our lives with intersting things like singing and cheese, in the meantime…

  3. Michele said,

    I do know what you mean! There was a Mystery Book store that went up for sale around here about a month or two ago and I totally thought of you.. and our plans for the amazing bookstore. I also totally hear you on the not knowing what to do thing. When you graduate from high school, and from college, you expect to hear the “what are you doing after graduation?” question. However, when you are working full time, and working on a master’s, the same question throws you off a little. I kind of stumble a little each time someone asks… who knows. But I do agree with Caitlin, everything will work itself out :o)

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