July 2010

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This one is really good, guys. Toy Story 3 has everything we have come to expect from a Disney/Pixar film; great story, cute and funny, and emotionally engaging. Kids will like it for sure, but if you have ever grown up (and that’s pretty much everyone else, right?), then this story will be even more meaningful to you. I went with two friends to see this and they were both in tears. The good kind. I am not a crier, but even I got misty-eyed. Totally unnecessary trivia: the last movie to make me cry was “With Honors” back in the mid 90s. I cannot explain this phenomenon. Anyway, Toy Story 3: loved it. Although as much as I have enjoyed these movies, I hope they don’t make any more because that was the perfect end to the Toy Story saga.

Rating: I don’t currently own any of the Toy Story movies, but I will be patiently waiting  for  the  DVD box set. Oh yes, my friends, this will be on my birthday list… That was totally a blatant bid for presents just then. *cough COughTOBER cough* There, that was more subtle. … Right? …  Guys?

I went to see Knight and Day on a whim. I was walking by a movie theater with some friends  and  it  was  going  to  start  in 15 minutes and we figured… why not? It was pretty fun. I’m not really a Cameron Diaz or Tom Cruise fan, but I thought they were both good in it, especially Cruise. While there can be funny moments in his performances, he doesn’t often do outright comedies. This will remind you why he should. Lots of laughs and some good action. The premise is totally ridiculous,    but    I    was having so  much  fun with it that I didn’t really care.

Rating: Will  I  buy this on DVD? I don’t know. I’ll have to see how I feel as I walk by it in the store. 

Eclipse is arguably the best film in the Twilight saga so far. That may have more to do with the material than then movie itself. The third book had lots of excitement and action to balance out the teen romance drama, so the movie had more to work with as well. Fans of the series will probably love it, but wish there was more. Non fans may enjoy this more than the others, but if you dislike the idea of vampires with feelings, then you still won’t like it. Lots of eye candy for those who enjoy abs. Dakota Fanning is great as a villain. I hope she gets more roles where she can be less than sweet.

Rating: I won’t need this on DVD, but I’m not sorry I saw it either.


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