Sweet Charity (the show)

September 20, 2010 at 7:16 pm (Etc, Theatre Reviews) (, , , , )

Not to be confused with my increasingly desperate attempts to bring in charity donations for MDA by raising bail money to get me out f the MDA lock up. Help! Some of my more evil-minded acquaintances may be thinking… hahaha, let’s leave her in the hoosegow. That’s hilarious. Well, ok it is. But think of the children!! Be a hero to children with disabilities… make a donation: https://www.joinmda.org/2010tigardlu/arussell. For those who don’t care about me or the children… well, it’s tax deductible…

But that’s not what this post is about at all.

I went to go see Sweet Charity at the Lakewood Theatre Company last week and it was delightful! I saw it a few years ago when the national tour came through PDX with Molly Ringwald in the title role, and no disrespect to Molly – go Brat Pack, but I found the Lakewood production to be superior. The production values are lower for a regional theatre, of course, so the set was less impressive. The pit orchestra struggled a bit, but the performances were fantastic, dancing was amazing, and it had more depth than the national tour. This show is goofy, nostalgic with its 60s swagger, melancholy, and a bit pathetic in its optimism. That’s a wide range to cover. The national tour just bummed me out, really, but this production captured the ups and downs and, most important, the enduring, naive hopefulness of Charity. Well done, guys.


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