May 2010

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I defy anyone to go see How To Train Your Dragon and not think it is adorable. From the studio that brought us Shrek, Flushed Away, and Kung Fu Panda – among others – this is another keeper. The dialogue is snappy and fun. The voice talent is great. The dragons make me happy to be alive. Except for the bad one that makes me want to… I don’t know… throw rocks? Maybe not. Anyway. Saw this one twice, once regular and once in the 3D. The 3D is not necessary, but the movie itself is worth the price of admission.

Rating: I will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD.

I had a fun time at Clash of the Titans. I have not seen the original, which I have heard is so terrible that it circles all the way back around to awesome, but the pro/con comparisons I’m getting are a mixed bag. I am not certain this rises to the level of epic, but I will say that if you’re looking for an action-packed adventure with mythological tendencies, then you probably won‘t be disappointed. I’m definitely not sorry I saw it in the theater.

Rating: I won’t be anxiously waiting to buy the DVD or anything, but I may borrow it from my cousin once in a while.

UPDATE: Ok, it’s been a while since this movie came out so I’m hoping everyone who really wanted to see it, did already. If not: *SPOILER ALERT*

Here’s the thing… did anyone else pick out the (possibly unintentional) profiling? Because I almost peed myself. I mean, I’m definitely anti-discrimination. I was raised to treat people based on the content of their character… go MLK, love you… etc… but, holy crap, I could not believe it.

The Djinn (aka Jinn, aka djinni, aka genie) are part of Islamic religion as well as middle eastern mythology (glance through the wiki page for more details). So, the thing is – when they go into the cave to confront Medusa, the Djinn traveling with them allows himself to be caught by Medusa and explodes himself to destroy her. Do you see what I’m saying here? The Islamic character acts as a suicide bomber to help win the fight. What. The. Heck. I feel like I need SNL’s Seth and Amy to do a Really!?! segment for me here. I mean, I was laughing because I just couldn’t believe it. From talking to people, I am the only one I know of who made that connection. Does that say something about me, the general population, or the film maker? Or D, all of the above? Let me know what you think…

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